Math 334/5/6

This class was taught by Professor Jim Morrow and TA Jerry Li. We covered basic topology, multivariable calculus, Fourier analysis, and the rudiments of real and complex analysis. I believe this class laid the foundation for the study of advanced mathematics which I am about to undertake.

It would take a mathematician or math student to appreciate the need for a good definition of differentiability, the usefulness of the Heine-Borel theorem, the subtleties of convergence of series and products, so I won’t explain them here. I also won’t mention the miracle of the Cauchy integral formula, power series expansions, and Liouville’s theorem. It was a good year…

It was a good year even though our class shrunk significantly and lost all its girls…

At the end of the year, we each wrote a paper on a topic of our choice, in which we summarized and explained an article of chapter from a book. I wrote on H. M. Edwards’ discussion of the Riemann zeta function.  Unfortunately, my paper does not prove the Riemann hypothesis.

At the very end of the year, we had a party at Professor Morrow’s house. He made dinner, and we talked about everything that mathematicians talk about: math, math teaching styles, the silliness of things other than math (well, that was not me), philosophy, languages, and plans for the future.

Art of a Mathematician