What My Heart Says to the Children

This is based on the experiences of myself and others on a team that went to the Yakama Indian Reservation in Spring 2017 to help Sacred Road Ministries with working on elders’ houses and playing with children.  Here is a video.


Do you know that when I saw you first,

And when you chased me, when you jumped

Into my arms, and when those bubbles burst,

And when you ran around the wall and bumped

Your friend and suffered pain and brief ill will

Which faded in a minute, when you slumped

Into my lap and slowly ate your fill,

And when you sang, and when at last you smiled,

I loved you, and that love is with me still?

And do you know that you are God’s own child,

That at your call ten thousand angels came,

Because they heard you crying in the wild,

And glimpsed your face?  These were not wind and flame,

But flesh and blood, not spirits from the sky,

But human family renewed–the same

That aided me when I shadowed by

The horseman of the valley, he who rides

Invisibly, whose breath will make you sigh

In times of peace.  These angels were my guides;

When I was blind and learning how to trust,

Their heart-song wafted from the valley’s sides

To melt my fear.  I know that I am dust,

And though the Lord has put eternity

Within my heart since birth, his Spirit must

Reside and rule there, else my soul will be

A weary candle burning into ash.

In your heart also, untrained ecstasy,

Unstable joy, and unheard longings clash

Disordered.  Are you ready to be healed?

Here in us Jesus stands, you see the flash

Some moments when the new growth is revealed.

Hope buds in fellowship; wait for the flower,

Here plant your roots, drink deep, and you will yield

The fruit of love that sweetens every hour,

Brings justice, mercy, wholeness in his name,

In whom our human dust is robed with power

And flesh and blood are water, wind, and flame.

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