Say We’ll Meet Again


You said that we must part today

Beneath the sun and moon,

That you were going far away

And might not see me soon.

I said I wanted you to stay,

Our concord should not end,

And if you had to leave today,

Then would we meet again?


Consider what you’ll say to me

Beneath the sun and moon;

Don’t say all hope is vanity

That I will see you soon;

Don’t prove by your philosophy

That all good things must end,

Or mumble all that is must be;

No, say we’ll meet again!


Say, “Hear me, all you stars on high,

Be witness, sun and moon,

Make this the oath to hold me by:

That I will see her soon.

When I return by twilit sky,

Make this my journey’s end–

We’ll meet and kiss, and kiss and cry,

Yes, we will meet again.


When shut are all of heaven’s eyes,

Extinguished sun and moon,

When softly sleeping ocean lies,

My love, I’ll see you soon;

When mountains sink and valleys rise,

When tears and vapors end,

When death decays and sickness dies,

Say, “then, we’ll meet again.”

Art of a Mathematician