A Conversation


Two friends were walking through the park

Who’d known the path so long,

That even in the total dark,

Their feet could not go wrong.


“They’ve finally done it, have you heard?”

The one began to say.

“Oh, yes,” the other said. “Absurd!

They did it yesterday.”


“It’s terrible,” replied the one;

The other quite agreed,

And added, “Something must be done,

And that with utmost speed.”


“Our nation’s in an awful mess,”

The first conversant said,

“As every person must confess

With even half a head.”


“It’s time,” returned the other friend,

“The people will agree

That all this madness has to end;

That anyone can see.”


“It’s good to see you read the news,”

The first said with delight,

“I’m also glad to know your views

Are sensible and right.”


“And I would say the same to you,”

The second smiled to tell,

“But then, of course, I always knew

You understood things well.”


At last their journey was complete;

They warmly said goodbye,

And homeward steered contented feet,

With smiling heads held high.

Art of a Mathematician